Plan for the best.

Refurbish, Replace or Regret

Running your computer equipment until it breaks is a very costly, stressful and time intensive way of managing your IT department.
   Computer systems tend to get very unstable as they approach their End Of Life. Your staff may be dealing with system crashes and reboots for months leading up to the final days. This then results in large, unplanned expenses that disrupt your ability to operate the business.
We avoid all this unpleasantness by simply upgrading and refurbishing computers that are near EOL and replacing computers that are Past EOL. This allows us to get the maximum performance and the longest life out of the computer systems.

Forecasting IT Expenses

Long term planning allows our clients to maximize their budgets and optimize the timing. If times get tough we know what to cut. If times are bountiful we know what projects to bring forward.

Ready to make some long term plans?

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