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Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and cybersecurity professionals are taking action. With the right tools, you can prevent, detect and respond quickly to ransomware attacks threatening your organization.

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  • Infographic: Ransomware Survival: Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Practice.
  • Special Report: CISA/HIPAA Ransomware best practices checklist.
  • E-Book: Threat Spotlight: Ransomware
  • Webinar: Interview with IT manager who paid $420,000 in ransoms

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Don’t Be Held Hostage By Ransomware

In the past year, 92% of organizations report that their organization has seen ransomware delivered via email attachments and nearly 30% of organizations have seen business operations impacted by ransomware. Any organization, large or small, is the target for a ransomware attack. However, many are not ready for ransomware as they lack effective prevention, a plan for zero downtime, or a process to recover quickly.

Service for Medical Offices.

Protect against Ransomware attacks and other sophisticated cyberattacks with Standard Protect.
A new approach to breach detection and remediation.

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