Messy Rack Is Messy

Before Standard

After Standard

--Both rooms fully renovated to accomodate their purposes. --Old systems that were on and not in production tore out and trashed (Will save $$$ on power costs) --Old faulty switches removed and replaced with up-to-date 1000mbps 24 port switch providing an increase in network speeds and scalability. --High grade Orange boards installed --All devices properly mounted and power sources audited, mounted, and installed for peak efficiency. --all cabling consolidated to one inlet from the attic --all cabling punched down to patch paneling --Slim run patch cabling installed --all trash from shelving thrown away --Shelving cut in half and the alarm & DVR systems installed properly on one side --Shelving built in server room --all cabling and devices properly mounted or placed on the shelving near the ceiling --Shelving was built to only accomodate the server \ networking devices. This is to prevent storage space from other sources. --All devices labeled, All PCs and printers labeled --All devices tested after project completion

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