Problem Prevention Network Health Check

Problem Prevention Network Health Check

Computer problems driving you crazy but you don’t know what the problem is or who you can trust to fix it? If so, we can help! 

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Put that credit card away! As a prospective customer, we’d like to give you a FREE 27-Point Network Health Check (a $300 Value) to:

Diagnose slowness, problems or concerns you may have with your computer network and explain in plain English what your options are for resolving them quickly and inexpensively.
Verify your data backups are working (Note: Tape drives have an average failure rate of 100%; don’t wait for a crisis before you discover yours weren’t working!)
Look for hidden viruses, spyware, and security loopholes that could allow hackers and viruses to invade your network, corrupt your data and bring your system down.
Review your server logs to uncover developing problems and conflicts that will turn into unexpected down-time.
Answer your questions about upgrades, adding new equipment, remote access, or any other project you have in mind.

There is ZERO cost or obligation to buy anything when you request this service.

This is simply our way of giving you a risk-free way to ‘sample’ our services before having to make a commitment or payment. We don’t expect everyone to become a client, but we’re sure that a good percentage will end up being long-term clients like these folks:

Gregory Stafford, D.D.S,
Downtown Dental Care
Different dental offices have unique needs. I represent an office that is very dependent on our technology and needs constant help and attention. But, as a dentist and owner, I have a lot of different things on my plate and priorities shift around. Standard Computer helps me to have control of the technology piece of the plate.”
Gail Holmes,
Dr. Ted Jolley
Standard Computer is very efficient, systems are faster, employees are great, problems are addressed and fixed fast, equipment installed quickly. When we call Standard Computer we don’t have to wait 2-3 days for someone to respond they are always available immediately.  Our previous IT company took days or weeks to call us back. The guys at standard computer are available 24-7, I have never had to wait.
Sean Gore, D.D.S
ASAP Smile Center
Standard Computer has complete IT services and prevention. In my business, I can’t have a computer or server go down and then wait days for another to be built and then have programs loaded so it can function. Having a HIPAA certified IT technician really is a stress relief. Other IT companies are behind on staying up-to-date on electronic HIPAA protocols.
Lorie Davis, Office Manager
Skinner Family Dentistry
Our backup system wasn’t working. I received a letter & called right away. I talked to Sean and he came out the very next day. We now have a reliable backup. He and Jeremiah were able to figure out our needs and issues. We have received prompt attention we haven’t received in the past. Everyone has been so helpful. We have been really impressed with the knowledge of the staff.